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Enlist Professional Help When Paying Estate Taxes

When a loved one passes away, the last thing your family wants is to enter into the complicated realm of probate and estate law. Avoid a tricky legal situation with well-planned estate or trust tax documentation from Copeland, Banner & Associates!


The experienced professionals at Copeland, Benner & Associates will work with your duly qualified attorney to draft key documents like wills, life insurance trusts, testamentary trusts, and trusts that might be needed to achieve goals for your family or benefactors.


With over 40 years' combined experience on our staff and 25 years of excellence in our field, Copeland, Benner & Associates is your source for professional assistance when planning your estate. We're your expert source for information on estate and trust taxes!

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Ensure you're in compliance with all legislation

Successfully plan your retirement taxes

With Copeland, Benner & Associates helping you to develop your retirement plan, you'll get advice on how to mitigate potential tax impact on liquidation and transfer of assets, particularly those between spouses but also for residual heirs as well so more of your funds wind up in your pocket, no lost to taxes!


Keeping you on the safe side of the law

Due to the varied nature of the assets tied to your estate, it's key that local, state, and federal statues are followed when planning taxes. Copeland, Benner, & Associates will ensure that your tax plan is drawn up to the letter of the law, minimizing your audit risk!


Minimize your tax obligations

The overall goal of Copeland, Benner & Associates is to minimize your tax burden and audit risk so more of your assets go to your family and heirs, not to taxes! Choose our team for the professional estate and trust tax planning you've been searching for!

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